June 23, 2011

Um… Procrastination Much??

Lol, so almost two weeks after starting this thing, and I’m only now posting my second post?! Ugh, I’m no good at this! But, I have a good excuse! I have been asked to help plan/implement a friend’s wedding decorations… I was asked this only one month before the wedding… on a budget of $500. Oh, and she is expecting somewhere between 130-200 guests!!!! Not just the reception, but the whole thing: ceremony, cocktail hour and reception. It remains to be seen if this can be done!

So, her color is green. She wants white and black and green. I think, on this budget, you have to mainly go with a palette of white and black (cheaper, easier to find, etc.) and go with bright pops of green throughout. Like, a bright accent to set the stage.

Some possible color samples I put together: (I love putting colors and patterns together, btw!)

The final sample that she chose. I think we may add pops of the bright green as well as the darker green.


On that budget, I also think make one focal point (e.g. the head table) and then carry simpler details throughout. Use lots of candles and (if possible) christmas lights to create the atmosphere. Basically, this is about creating a relaxed, fun day, just a chance to get together and celebrate the couple. It doesn’t have to be perfect (and really won’t be!!), but will be about having fun and partying! I want to stay focused on the details, and remember to add in a few fun things to make the day personal and unique. So stay tuned, because (as I get time!) I will hopefully be uploading pics of our projects as they come along.

Of course, I am the type of person that gets all caught up in what I could do, and I feel myself becoming a little overwhelmed as I think of all these added details that could be done. I’m trying to hold myself back from that, because honestly, it is just impossible to do so much in this time and on this budget. Instead, the important thing is we all have fun, and we’ll do that, even if every single thing isn’t decorated to the nth degree!

Got any cute, quick and CHEAP diy wedding projects?

(Also, one day I will be an amazing photographer. Unfortunately, until then, y’all gotta put up with my blurry/wonky/just plain junk picture taking!)

June 10, 2011

Hello world!

Soo… what is this blog about? Mainly, a site for me to show the different things I make and do, as well as a space to connect with others. Life, I believe, is a journey, and it is about doing those things that give you happiness and fulfillment. For me, that means continuing to be inspired, bringing creativity to different areas of my life (cooking, paper crafts, arts, sewing, etc.), spending time with friends and family, and approaching life openly and honestly.

Ok.. let’s do this, then!